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JOCELYN (Feature, horror)


After her beloved sister's suicide, the life of an orphan girl who was raised in a devoutly Christian upbringing plummets into a hellish nightmare. She finds herself forced to seek help from the Devil to save her sister's soul, betraying God.

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Heartbreaker (short, drama)


An ex-convict’s desperate attempt to seek redemption causes a tragedy in another man’s life and cycles back to himself.

Director's Statement

I was in this stage of life where every choice I made seemed to turn into a bad decision. One after another, I kept making bad choices and was feeling stuck. I felt I was being sucked into a void called life. The void was so huge and I felt so helpless against it. 

Then I remembered. Between life and death, there’s only love. Then, out came this story and characters.

There is definitely beauty in our lives that is absolutely worth living for. But more often than not, we don’t realize the real importance of something till we lose it. That’s why the Greeks invented tragedy. To make us learn from our mistakes. To make us see the beauty around us and the beauty we destroyed. To remind us how beautiful we can be and how beautiful once we all were.

Sometimes, fate plays little tricks on us. We might feel the urge to resist, but once it is set, there is nothing we can do. There is no going back. It might make us feel small, but lately I figured that is not a bad feeling at all. After all, there’s only love between life and death. I want people to remember that.

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