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I am Tsubasa Maruno.


Born and raised in Tokyo, Japan. Tsubasa grew up obsessed with comic books. However, in 1994, his older brother came home from school with a video tape in his hand and screamed “This ridiculous film won the Palme d’Or at Cannes!”, which sounded like a secret code from Russia to him at the time. The film was, of course, Pulp Fiction. The next day, he went to a local video store for the first time in his life and rented two movies. He came home and watched Reservoir Dogs, True Romance and Pulp Fiction (again) in a day. The day changed his life forever. He’s been a healthy film junky ever since, thanks to Mr. Tarantino.

His main focus right now is Horror. Why Horror? Well, horror movies let us explore dark subject matters and the fear of death. We all have darkness in our minds, the society we live in is far from perfect, and we all are afraid of death. He believes, through horror movies, we can take all kinds of fear and incongruity in our lives and form them into a monster in a story, so that we can express them and deal with them better. Besides, honestly, they are just cool and fun.

He's currently based in Los Angeles, California.

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